Dogtek EF-6000

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Dogtek EF-6000

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Dogtek EF-6000 Overview

The Dogtek EF-6000 is currently OUT OF STOCK. The Dogtek EF-6000 could be the highest rated containment fence, but it is currently too glitchy to recommend. The EF-6000 includes a small collar, and a digital transmitter that provides control over both the boundary and warning zones.

The basic system includes the following:

  • Digital Transmitter - digital transmitter, capable of containing up to 5 acres, and with user adjustable boundary and correction zones.
  • Rechargeable Collar - slimline collar, with 8 correction levels ranging from mild to very strong.
  • Long & Short Probes - interchangeable long and short collar probes, for use with long hair and short hair dogs respectively.
  • Charger - power cord for charging collar.
  • Boundary Wire (500 Feet) - 20 gauge boundary wire, sufficient to cover 1/3 acre. Additional wire and thicker boundary wire is available using the above dropdown menus.
  • Boundary Flags (50) - marking flags to temporarily show the boundary line during installaiton and training. These are gradually removed on completion of training.
  • Splices (3) - wire splices connect segments of boundary wire when creating your layout.
  • Tester Tool - connected to the collar probes, to test if the collar is properly functioning.
  • Magnetic Key - tool for switching collar on and off, as well as adjusting the correction level.
  • Instruction Manual - booklet covering basics of system installation and training.
Dogtek EF-6000 System Contents
Dogtek EF-6000 System Contents